Provide the highest quality to our customers by offering outstanding service, quality products, and competitive pricing. Our goal is to serve as a total solution to the needs of our customers, by consistently providing professionalism and quality workmanship in a timely manner, by empowering each employee with training to meet the growing needs of our customers, and to stay ahead of industry standards.

Statement Of Ethics Services

At U.S. Architectural Glass and Metal, ethical conduct and legal compliance are the basis for our reputation in the glass, glazing, and miscellaneous metal industry. To maintain a leading position in the industry, we require each employee to demonstrate the highest level of integrity when interacting with vendors, customers and fellow employees.

U.S. Architectural Glass and Metal maintains policies to ensure safety and the standards of conduct in all areas where improper activities could damage the Company’s reputation and otherwise result in serious adverse consequences to the company and its employees. We require each employee to foster an environment of integrity, honesty, respect and trust.


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